Why Choose Kids Garden Learning Academy

“Every child is a different kind of little flower and all together they make this world a beautiful garden.” – Anonymous

Like the flowers of a garden, children only thrive when they are tenderly nurtured and patiently guided through every step of the developmental process. At Kids Garden Learning Academy in Las Vegas, we strive to help every child reach their full potential by having high, developmentally appropriate expectations for their sprouting language, math, cognitive, emotional and social skills.

Our Teachers

Under the caring guidance of Director Cheryl Gillins, who has more than 30 years experience in the child care industry, our attentive administrators and teachers give each child and their parents the individual consideration they deserve. We believe in creating meaningful partnerships with parents, so we provide daily reports to keep you updated on your child’s progress. We also offer emotional support and practical advice for helping families smoothly transition through the toughest milestones. Many Kids Garden parents refer to our learning center as a second home because we truly view our community as a family.

Your child’s safety is our number one concern.

Our top priority is fostering a safe environment where children feel secure enough to explore new opportunities and tackle increasingly difficult challenges. The daily schedule establishes predictable routines while children are placed in age-based classrooms and have access to separate playground areas with age-appropriate toys and learning materials. Additionally, our front door is secured with a locked keypad, security cameras keep a watchful eye on everyone and the front desk is always staffed by our cheerful, helpful assistants. Every staff member also participates in certified training for CPR and First Aid.

Our Approach to Education

The students enrolled at Kids Garden Learning Academy are stimulated mentally, physically and visually. Our engaging curriculum is based on the Saxon Early Learning system because it is so easily adaptable to the educational needs of all types of learners. With a strong focus on oral language development, from our youngest infants to our oldest elementary school kids, everyone has the chance to express themselves whether it is through sign language, artwork or physical movement.

A belief in active learning means our kids build phonemic awareness through singing, develop social skills through playing with peers and improve coordination through such extracurricular activities as gymnastics, cooking and ball sports. After school, our older children also benefit from interacting with modern technologies, ranging from computers to Smart Boards to gaming consoles.

At Kids Garden Learning Academy, we believe in:

  • Nurturing the unique potential of each student.
  • Implementing research-based curriculum that utilizes fun, engaging materials to stimulate every learning style.
  • Setting high expectations for positively achieving developmentally appropriate milestones.
  • Creating meaningful partnerships with parents.
  • Fostering a physically and emotionally safe environment so every child feels secure and happy.

What our parents are saying:

I love Kids Garden, I just the made decision to keep my daughters Jamayiah and Jaliyah enrolled for another year. The prices here are great and you can’t find them this great no where in town.
Mrs Cheryl is the best, she truly cares about the kids and treats them like her own. My daughters have learned so much since I enrolled them at Kids Garden. The staff here is always friendly, and they are preparing my 4 year old Jaliyah for kindergarten..

1Thanks Kids Garden We Love You!!!!

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