Between the ages of 12 and 36 months, toddlers undergo an explosion of physical, cognitive and emotional growth — more than they will experience for the rest of their lives. These are the years when children take their first steps of independence, form their first words and create their first friendships. Our goal is to build a foundation for your child’s lifelong ability to learn, to get along well with others, to communicate their feelings in a healthy way and to enthusiastically approach new challenges.

The Toddler daycare program at Kids Garden Learning Academy in Las Vegas is specifically designed to engage energetic young minds through dynamic, sensory-based activities. Our toddler curriculum integrates movement, music, art and language to teach our early learners the fundamentals they need to succeed in our progressive preschool program. Our playrooms, playgrounds and separate toddler classrooms provide plenty of space to move around and contain an assortment of interesting items to explore. With this focus on active learning, each day is filled with engaging activities that positively direct all the natural energy and curiosity toddlers possess.

We implement a milestone-based approach that emphasizes individual development rather than age so that each child is able to progress at their own pace. Every family is provided with detailed updates on their toddler’s advancements, whether it is learning a new word or mastering potty training, so that growth can continue at home.

Toddler Program Developmental Goals:

Stimulate Vocabulary Acquisition
Toddlers build a rich vocabulary simply by hearing a variety of words. Through storytelling, rhyming songs, repetition and imitation, toddlers begin to build associations between words and objects. This allows them to express themselves verbally whether it is identifying a body part, letting an adult know it’s time to go potty or communicating what makes them feel happy.

Foster Social Relationships
Since a baby’s brain is not yet wired for empathy and self-control, toddlers have a difficult time grasping the concepts of sharing toys, taking turns and working together. Our patient caregivers encourage interactions between the children by leading small and large group activities, explaining other children’s feelings and promoting listening skills.

Strengthen Motor Skills
Daily indoor and outdoor activities get our toddlers moving, dancing, tumbling, balancing and practicing their eye-hand coordination. Each time a toddler kicks a ball, draws a picture or pours beans into a cup, they are strengthening their motor skills.

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