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qsm-5-15-b-sh waterjet cutting machine

QSM-5-15-B-SH is used for the cutting operations in petrochemical industry. The equipment is capable of cutting any 0-100mm–thick materials (except glass carbon, diamond and special hard alloy), and is applied in the cutting operations of dismantlement and maintenance work related to petroleum pipelines and storage tanks.

QSM-5-15-B-SH waterjet cutting machine as drilling machine for tunnel construction is a new type of portable cutting equipment functioning by front-mix abradant water jet flow; it adopts cold cutting technologies.This waterjet cutting machine has passed spark test, static electricity test and temperature test, and met the anti-explosion requirements.Note: QSM-5-15-B-SH waterjet cutting machine is an integral part of the main machine system and provides high-pressure water jet flows for cutting operations; it needs to assist cutters (for example pipe cutter), cutting gun assembly and high/low-pressure hose to complete cutting operations.

work pressure: 45 (MPa)
nozzle diameter: 0.8 (mm)
cutting speed(10cm-thick steel plate): 14 (mm/min)
dimensions(length×width×height): 1740×785×1130 (mm)
equipment weight: 420 (kg)
motor: YBK2-160L-4
power: 15 (KW)
voltage: 380/660 (V)
filter volume: 8.4 (L)
pump flow: 11 (L/min)
volume: 11.8 L
abradant type: Special abradant
abradant granularity: 80 (Mesh)
abradant flow: 0.5 (Kg/min)

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