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cutter bits as drilling machine for tunnel construction

Cutting-bit as drilling machine for tunnel construction is a kind of wearable part in roadway excavation machinery, roadheaders. It is the main tool for cutting rock and mineral. Common raw material from the majority of domestic and imported suppliers is : 42Cr, 35CrMnSi and other steel, hardness of up to 40-45HRC, impact toughness of not less than 49J / cm2. Now with the ONE BELT ONE ROAD construction of China along the way, the ROADHEADER machinery has been used more and more in the roadway works apart from the mines due to its better flexibility and lower working cost. Moreover, the cutting-bits at the same time also need to withstand high periodic compressive stress, shear stress and impact load, which requires the cutter body parts to have very good impact resistance and withstand wear and tear.

The pick is made up of a cutter body (cutter / shank) and a carbide cutter. In the actual working conditions, the biggest difficulty in the use of these cutting picks is the carbide tip and the cutting tool-to-body welding technology. Most common problems faced are due to low quality welding technology, such as welding coming off, leading to the carbide head cutting away from the body, thus affecting the overall cutting and cutting effect and damaging the main machine. With the introduction of our company's welding process for "tungsten carbide and steel", the cutting-bit wear resistance has seen a qualitative leap and the use of our roadheaders which is equipped with high efficiency cutting parts is safer and long lasting and durable.

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team of drilling machine for tunnel construction

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