The Pre-Kindergarten Program at Kids Garden Learning Academy prepares children ages 4 and 5 academically, emotionally and socially for smoothly transitioning into Las Vegas Kindergarten classrooms.

As part of our comprehensive preschool program, we utilize the Saxon Early Learning curriculum to help students develop skills in math, science, social relationships and language. Every themed lesson complies with common core standards. To ensure each child receives a well-rounded education, we also offer instruction in music appreciation, computer technology and Spanish.

Early Reading Skills

Numerous studies link stronger vocabulary skills at this age to later success with reading in elementary school. In addition to building upon letter recognition, our pre-K students practice matching letters to sounds, are introduced to basic sight words and learn how to write their own names.

Strengthening Motor Skills

Our pre-K students naturally strengthen their gross and fine motor skills by playing complex games, participating in daily outdoor activities and singing silly rhyming songs that incorporate body movements. These physical skills are important for school readiness because they control a child’s ability to engage in games with their peers, participate in classroom activities and even hold a pencil correctly.

Personal Responsibility

Daily calendar activities and routines promote patterns, improve memory and create stability. We emphasize personal responsibility by providing individual cubby holes, hooks, sleeping mats and class work folders that each child is tasked with looking after. Our students also participate in character-building activities and independent play so that they learn how to make their own decisions.

Emotion Management

Emotion management is another essential skill at this age. Child experts widely agree that knowing how to listen, being willing to share and expressing feelings appropriately are far more important in determining success in Kindergarten than a child’s ability to identify letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Our pre-K teachers provide plenty of opportunities for peer interaction so that the children learn how to negotiate, compromise and take turns.

Boosting Self-Esteem

The pre-K years are a critical time for building self-confidence and gaining a sense of self. We encourage children to explore their interests, attempt new challenges and investigate new materials using all their senses. Activities that incorporate art, music, storytelling and dramatic play offer an outlet for communicating feelings and expressing creativity.

We are committed to working closely with every parent to ensure our students have the necessary school readiness skills. Contact the Kids Garden Learning Academy in Las Vegas today to learn how our program can help your child prepare for Kindergarten.