Our Programs for Infants through After School Academy

“Children are like flowers. Water them daily with love and watch them bloom.” – Anonymous

Our Curriculum

At Kids Garden Learning Academy, our dedicated caregivers and educators plant the seeds for a lifetime love of learning. Our curriculum is rooted in the Saxon Early Learning system, which seeks to nurture the cognitive, physical, emotional and social growth of every child. By embracing this holistic approach to education, our teachers are able to offer an enriching program that encourages curiosity, rewards participation and helps children reach their full potential.

The research-based Saxon program introduces the basic concepts of math, phonics, science and social studies by integrating hands-on activities, workbooks, computers and Smart Board technologies. The teacher-led daily lessons draw upon early childhood learning guidelines, including the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

We place a heavy emphasis on helping our kids develop a strong foundation for literacy and communication skills. They learn American Sign Language and Spanish, participate in classroom discussions to strengthen their vocabulary and explore their feelings through creative arts.

Kids Garden Learning Academy offers four preschool programs and two school-age daycare programs:


Infants can enroll in Kids Garden Learning Academy at eight weeks old. Through our nurturing, creative and colorful environment, your infant will feel happy, secure and engaged.


After their first birthdays, our daycare children move into the Toddler program. We provide safe opportunities for them to explore their growing need for independence and guide them through the emotional challenges of getting along with their peers.


At age 3, children are eligible for our Preschool program, which focuses on stoking their insatiable curiosity, improving their budding coordination and supporting their developing friendships.


Our Pre-Kindergarten classroom is designed to help children ages 4 and 5 prepare to enter elementary school. We offer them the tools to expand their blossoming literacy and math skills as well as support their exponential growth in their cognitive, social and emotional competencies.

Before and After School Academy

Students in first through sixth grade thrive academically and socially in our After School Academy. Each child is given individual attention during homework time and has opportunities to work with peers to choose engaging and fun experiences.

Summer Camp Program

Elementary school-aged children have access to incredible enrichment opportunities in Las Vegas with our Summer Camp program, which includes fun weekly themes and exciting educational field trips.