Beginning at 8 weeks old, babies can enroll in the Kids Garden Learning Academy Infant program. Since babies only thrive when they feel safe, our top priority is creating a vibrant, caring atmosphere that encourages our youngest children to flourish.

For babies, stable, secure attachments are the foundation for later healthy emotional and cognitive development. Our infant daycare program is run by compassionate caregivers whose primary goal is to build trust with the babies. This is achieved by being attentive, responsive and talkative. The national organization Zero to Three recognizes the importance of a quality bond between infants and caregivers by noting that these reliable relationships strengthen the parent-child connection and promote positive development.

Entrusting your baby to our care is a precious gift that we take to heart. Our infant caregivers work closely with every parent to ensure a smooth transition when returning to work after maternity leave. We develop a personalized care plan for each infant that addresses their unique schedule, dietary guidelines, developmental progress and cultural beliefs. We also know how important it is for you to celebrate every milestone your baby achieves, so we provide detailed updates on a daily basis about each child’s eating, feeding, pottying and playing schedules.

The Kids Garden infant room is equipped with individual cribs for sleeping, a separate area for changing diapers, chairs for cuddling while feeding and stimulating learning areas that encourage active exploration. The colorful areas is also filled with a variety of materials that come in an assortment of textures, sizes, shapes and colors. When they are not napping or eating, our infants have the freedom to move around the room so that they can discover how their world works.

Whether your baby is ready to start rolling, sitting, crawling, standing or babbling, we have techniques to support them every step along the journey. Our child care professionals work with each infant to support their individual developmental timeline. Cognitive, emotional and physical skills are stimulated with time-proven infant games, including building blocks, push toys, shape sorters, playing peak-a-boo, singing songs and reading books.

Communication is a critical element in developing a bond and stimulating language skills, so our infant daycare providers are constantly chatting with the babies. We also use eye contact, facial expressions and sign language gestures to teach babies how to communicate what they want and need.

In this protected environment, Kids Garden Learning Academy infants are well cared for, happy and engaged. Contact Kids Garden Learning Academy today to learn more about the best infant daycare program in Las Vegas.