Before and After School Academy

The Kids Garden After School Academy provides enriching activities that encourage elementary school children to discover their potential by exploring their interests and furthering their development.

Less structured than school yet so much more than babysitting, our children thrive in an environment that balances structure with freedom and that offers fun, engaging educational experiences. We provide pickup service from nearby elementary schools in the Sunrise Manor area of Las Vegas and supply a nutritious afternoon snack at no additional charge.

Our After School Academy seeks to help children ages 6 to 12 achieve these four goals:

Academic Success

Time is scheduled each day for students to complete their homework. Students have opportunities to work alone or develop group study skills. We also provide individual adult support when a student is struggling in a particular subject. Learning centers for computers, science projects, reading and creative arts are easily accessible as well.

Social Emotional Development

When children participate in group activities, whether it is going on a hike, working on creative arts or playing a board game, they naturally learn how to become part of a community. This exposure increases their social and emotional skills so that they can have successful relationships with their peers and perform better in school.

Physical Fitness

Kids health recommends that children should get a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Being active strengthens muscles, prevents health issues from developing and increases a student’s potential in succeeding in school. We motivate our kids to achieve these healthy goals by offering a safe place to run, climb, dance and play. We also discuss ways they can lead a healthy lifestyle, such as proper nutrition and finding activities that they enjoy.


Our after school childcare specialists serve in a mentor role by providing encouragement, offering guidance and supporting each child’s individual interests. We also seek to promote the development of leadership and independent thinking skills, so every child shares their input on all of the after-school activities that we offer. The kids often come together as a group to plan weekly themes and special outings that are meaningful to them.

The U.S. Department of Education promotes the importance of after-school programs because enrolled children tend to have fewer behavioral problems, develop more self-confidence and understand how to better handle conflicts. Contact us today to schedule a tour and find out how your elementary school child can benefit from the Kids Garden After School Academy in Las Vegas.